About Rich Powell

Professional Skills

Born in December, 1988, I've always had an underlying desire to be creative and provide something to a wide audience. The answer to that was my parent's early dial-up internet connection back in 1998 - it wasn't long before I started creating websites!

Now I'm a full time and self sufficient web designer, developer, marketer, and admin. I'm lucky; my work is my hobby as well as my full time work.


Throughout my professional life, I've mostly worked on my own projects as these have been the most rewarding to me personally and I've created several large websites during this period.

I also work for clients who approach me for their online needs. This work is done through my company Pura Web Design.

For the duration of about 9 months, I worked for a small company that offered computer services where I took care of their and their clients' web design needs. This experience taught me alot about managing clients and various aspects of business.


When I'm not nerdin' it up, I like the usual socialising, exercising, laser quest (although this is a rarity nowadays), and I'm hot on movies.


I have a varied taste in music. When somebody asks me "What's your favourite song?" - or something of the sort - I respond with "Anything that sounds good to me," usually because I cannot pinpoint one particular track or band without neglecting my varied taste.

Here's a selection of songs from my Spotify: